One Way to Assess the Conflict Within Your Work in Progress

Cheryl St. John, the author of Writing with Emotion, Tension, and Conflict(Writers Digest Books, 2013), writes, “You can’t write a book and then go back later and try to add conflict.” Weak conflict is one way to have a manuscript rejected, St. John explains. Her advice makes sense. That’s why I often use St. John’s book toContinue reading “One Way to Assess the Conflict Within Your Work in Progress”

One Way to Write a First Draft

I thought writing a novel would be too much for a person with a family, two children, a full-time job, among other responsibilities. You get the point. I’m sure you’re plate is full too. It was all so overwhelming that I’d outline and write, and as soon as it got tough or I got stuck,Continue reading “One Way to Write a First Draft”