Overcome the Overwhelming Sink or Swim Feeling at Your Job

Overwhelm at work can vary. Sometimes, your boss quits without notice — my particular true story. Or you were hired a month ago, and your co-worker is leaving. That means you’ll be in charge now. And by the way, compensation, what’s that? Or how about being overwhelmed while I’m writing a post about overwhelm. AllContinue reading “Overcome the Overwhelming Sink or Swim Feeling at Your Job”

Find Career Direction in Your Passion and Feel Better

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question has been asked of many people. It’s one I’ve thought about many times as a young girl, a woman, and after settling on a career. It’s a question where I wished, I had a magic crystal ball, tarot cards, or any idea ofContinue reading “Find Career Direction in Your Passion and Feel Better”

How to Move Past Your Writing Fears

Perhaps, I’m not considered a real writer. I don’t have an official degree in writing. So far, the most money I’ve made on my writing has been a big ole .84 cents writing on Medium (which I’m proud of). It would seem I don’t have the credibility to dish out advice or tell my story.Continue reading “How to Move Past Your Writing Fears”

One Way to Write a First Draft

I thought writing a novel would be too much for a person with a family, two children, a full-time job, among other responsibilities. You get the point. I’m sure you’re plate is full too. It was all so overwhelming that I’d outline and write, and as soon as it got tough or I got stuck,Continue reading “One Way to Write a First Draft”

If You Want Change in Your Writing, Consider Joining a Writing Group

  “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” Jillian Michael’s shouted through my mobile fitness app as I did what felt like my 100th burpee.  In reality, I think it was my fifth.  Even through my exhaustion, those words instantly made sense to me.  How could I change anything without pushing myself further than I had before?Continue reading “If You Want Change in Your Writing, Consider Joining a Writing Group”

I Didn’t Get the Job, But I learned 5 Ways to Start Writing

“Neat,” said the interviewer in response to my answer. I cringed, feeling slightly sick (thank goodness I had the phone to hide behind). I was failing this interview. Experience wasn’t the problem. It was an entry level writing position with no experience necessary. And so, I thought yes, I can do this. I can breakContinue reading “I Didn’t Get the Job, But I learned 5 Ways to Start Writing”