Stop Agonizing Over Your Recent Submission

Instead, move on with four writing ideas for inspiration After submitting a short story, I tell myself to move on. Go on, get moving and start working on a new writing project. To find new inspiration and get my mind off analyzing the piece I submitted, agonizing over the outcome — accepted or rejected forContinue reading “Stop Agonizing Over Your Recent Submission

Overcome the Overwhelming Sink or Swim Feeling at Your Job

Overwhelm at work can vary. Sometimes, your boss quits without notice — my particular true story. Or you were hired a month ago, and your co-worker is leaving. That means you’ll be in charge now. And by the way, compensation, what’s that? Or how about being overwhelmed while I’m writing a post about overwhelm. AllContinue reading “Overcome the Overwhelming Sink or Swim Feeling at Your Job”

Find Career Direction in Your Passion and Feel Better

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question has been asked of many people. It’s one I’ve thought about many times as a young girl, a woman, and after settling on a career. It’s a question where I wished, I had a magic crystal ball, tarot cards, or any idea ofContinue reading “Find Career Direction in Your Passion and Feel Better”

If Burnout’s Fatigue is Pulling You Under, Consider These Two Tips

m at the bottom of a pool. Cement bricks poured around my ankles and feet. A straight jacket pulling tighter and tighter around my torso. Securing my arms into my chest until they feel like one and the same. Holding my breath and seeing legs above me. My struggle becomes frantic, erratic, and fruitless. MyContinue reading “If Burnout’s Fatigue is Pulling You Under, Consider These Two Tips”

One Way to Assess the Conflict Within Your Work in Progress

Cheryl St. John, the author of Writing with Emotion, Tension, and Conflict(Writers Digest Books, 2013), writes, “You can’t write a book and then go back later and try to add conflict.” Weak conflict is one way to have a manuscript rejected, St. John explains. Her advice makes sense. That’s why I often use St. John’s book toContinue reading “One Way to Assess the Conflict Within Your Work in Progress”

How to Move Past Your Writing Fears

Perhaps, I’m not considered a real writer. I don’t have an official degree in writing. So far, the most money I’ve made on my writing has been a big ole .84 cents writing on Medium (which I’m proud of). It would seem I don’t have the credibility to dish out advice or tell my story.Continue reading “How to Move Past Your Writing Fears”

One Way to Write a First Draft

I thought writing a novel would be too much for a person with a family, two children, a full-time job, among other responsibilities. You get the point. I’m sure you’re plate is full too. It was all so overwhelming that I’d outline and write, and as soon as it got tough or I got stuck,Continue reading “One Way to Write a First Draft”

Five Positive Pandemic Lessons

Most of us had some downtime during our state-mandated lockdowns. Or whatever version of social distancing was encouraged in your state during this ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. For the most part, I was still going to work every day as an essential worker in Healthcare, delivering physical therapy services in an Assisted Living Facility. My husbandContinue reading “Five Positive Pandemic Lessons”

If Your Interested in Changing Careers, Read This Book

When I hated my job, what I loved the most was Friday’s at 5:01 pm, when I’d push away from my desk, jump out of my swivel chair, and walk out of the building into the beautiful outside world. I felt giddiness in my stomach, and I was filled with relief and the possibility ofContinue reading “If Your Interested in Changing Careers, Read This Book”